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We recognize that every organization desires value for money whenever they engage the services of capacity building or consulting firms.

That is why, at Flame Academy & Consulting Limited, we ensure best quality, high-impact, world-class services each time our clients call upon us for a capacity building or consulting service.

We believe that character and ethics are fundamental to the long-term success of any business. And that is why we handle every client’s assignment or engagement with integrity, professionalism and an utmost sense of commitment..

We partner with individuals, groups, and organisations (both in private and public sectors) to create, design, and facilitate innovative and high-impact solutions or programmes that address identified needs with a view to improving human capacity, employee engagement, operational efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness.

We ignite the power in people and organizations.We welcome you as our valuable partner and client.


Upcoming Open Programmes

October 10, 2020 (Zoom)

Effective Target Setting and Performance Management
Time: 10AM – 3PM West African Central (GMT + 1)
Fee: N10,000 (USD30)

Course Details

October 17, 2020 (Zoom)

Micro-Finance Lending Principles
Time: 10AM – 3PM West African Central (GMT + 1)
Fee: N10,000 (USD30)

Course Details

October 24, 2020 (Zoom)

Retail Banking Excellence
Time: 10AM – 3PM West African Central (GMT + 1)
Fee: N15,000 (USD40) per participant

Course Details

November 3 - 4, 2020 (Zoom)

Credit Risk Analysis & Management – For Financial Institutions
Time: 10AM – 4PM West African Central (GMT + 1)
Fee: N40,000 (USD100)

November 14, 2020 (Zoom)

Banking Operations Excellence
Date: Saturday, November 14, 2020
Time: 10AM – 3PM West African Central Time (GMT + 1)
Fee: N20,000 (USD50) per participant

Course Details

November 28, 2020 (Zoom)

Becoming an Outstanding Sales Person
Date: Saturday, November 28, 2020
Time: 10AM – 4PM West African Central Time (GMT + 1)
Fee: N20,000 (USD50) per participant

Course Details

Past Programmes

September, 2020 (Zoom)

Timely Retirement Planning Masterclass
Zoom (September 12)

Course Details

September, 2020 (Zoom)

Leading with Emotional Intelligence – For Professionals and Entrepreneurs
Zoom (September 5)

Course Details

September, 2020 (Zoom)

Credit Risk Analysis & Management Excellence (Basic/Intermediate)
Zoom (September 2 – 3)

Course Details

August, 2020 (Zoom)

Effective Business Writing and Communication Skills
Zoom (August 29)

Course Details

August, 2020 (Zoom)

Fundamentals of Banking Business
Zoom (August 22)

March, 2020 (Lagos)

Problem Loans: Warning Signals, Work-Out & Recovery
Lagos (March 5 – 6)

February, 2020 (Lagos)

Financial Statement Analysis (FSA) – For Financial Institutions
Lagos (February 19 – 21)

Course Details

February, 2020 (Lagos)

Basic Credit Risk Analysis & Management Workshop – For Financial Institution
Kigali (February 4 – 6)

October, 2019 (Kampala)

Credit Writing & Presentation Skills Workshop
Kampala (October 16 – 17)

Course Details

What We Do

Training Solutions

We consider it a special privilege to support our clients by designing and facilitating special training programmes.

Business Consulting

Flame Consulting is the right partner in any organization’s efforts to review business processes.

Recruitment Services

We support clients in attracting and recruiting the best talents available for the various roles in their organizations

Corporate Strategy Initiatives

We are very eager to partner with you in designing and implementing appropriate strategic initiatives to achieve competitive advantage


It Is Highly Recommended!
This is one of the most insightful trainings I have attended from someone who has a wealth of experience on the subject. It is highly recommended.
Job Well Done!
This was a great programme. So much learning took place; so many new things learnt. It surely had a great impact on me and my credit writing skills in general. Orji has been a great facilitator. Job well done!
Keep It Up!
I am grateful to GTBank for inviting the facilitator from Flame Consulting. I am a totally different person from who I was before meeting Flame Consulting. Keep it up!
Great Training!
The facilitator obviously has an indepth knowledge of the subject matter and a wealth of experience to draw from. I learned a lot!!!

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