The proper structuring of credit facilities by lending institutions (after a thorough appraisal and evaluation of the obligor’s request) is very crucial for ensuring effective loan utilization, and hence, good performance of credit facilities. Conversely, badly structured credit facilities have greater likelihood of becoming non-performing leading to losses and capital erosion.

Every credit offer or analyst, loan originator, relationship manager, business leader, among others in a Financial Institution must therefore possess the skills required to properly structure loan facilities.

From choosing the appropriate loan type, understanding the loan purpose, determining the right loan amount and tenor, all the way to applying the right security/support, there is a compelling need to get things right from the on-set or while restructuring a delinquent credit facility, in order to ensure good performance – proper loan utilization and repayment.

This programme is specially designed to mentor participants on the key elements and considerations in loan structuring with a view to improving the quality of their institution’s credit portfolio and minimize losses caused by delinquent facilities.

Topics To Be Covered:

The following modules/topics would be handled during the programme:

  • Brief Overview of Credit Principles
  • Importance of Proper Loan Structuring
  • The Key Elements of a Proper Loan Structure
  • Understanding Borrowing Causes and Loan Purposes
  • Understanding Loan Types
  • Determining Appropriate Loan Amount
  • Estimating Facility Tenor (Using Working Capital Analysis and Cash Projections)
  • Issues in Loan Pricing
  • Securities and Support in Bank Lending
  • Conditions Precedent and Subsequent to Drawdown
  • Credit Processing, Control & Administration Tips
  • Extra Tips on Credit Risk Management (Beyond Structuring)
  • Parting Shots!

Who Should Attend?

  • Account Officers & Relationship Managers
  • Credit Analysts & Administrators
  • Credit Approval Officers
  • Loan Remedial Officers
  • Branch Leaders and Group Heads

Course duration:       2 days

Time:                               8.30am – 5pm Daily

Course Fees:                 N85,000.00 Per Participant.