International Trade is a very significant aspect of every economy, and players in this segment – including financial institutions, importers, exporters, regulators, logistics companies, commodity dealers, middlemen, SMEs, and many others – must constantly develop the capacity to deepen market share and capture a bigger chunk of the trade transactions.

This course would enable participants gain deeper insights in international trade transactions; the issues and risks in international trade; and the roles banks play in facilitating trade amongst parties in various countries; International Commercial Terms (INCOTERMS); payments methods, and the trade finance products commonly encountered in international trade.

Additional value is added in exposing participants to the critical issues in initiating and managing export transactions – as this presents a huge opportunity for all stakeholders in the post-Covid-19 Nigerian economy.

Every participant is assured to leave the programme with greater knowledge and skills to handle International Trade transactions, and increase business volume and profitability.

Topics To Be Covered:

The following buy steroids online modules/topics would be handled during the programme:

  • Business Communication in Today’s World
  • The Essentials of Effective Communication
  • Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication Skills
  • The Art of Listening
  • Overcoming Barriers to Effective Communication
  • Fundamentals of Writing Business Messages
  • Letters & Memos Writing
  • E-Mails & Instant Messages
  • Using the Telephones and Voice Mail
  • Issues in Team Communication
  • Making Powerful Business Presentations
  • Business Reports & Proposals
  • Making a Difference in Your Business with Communication Skills

Who Should Attend

  • Officers, Middle & Senior Management Staff
  • Team Leaders and Business Development Managers
  • Corporate Affairs and Public Relations Staff

Course duration:       1 day

Time:                               10am – 3pm

Course Fees:                 N15,000.00 Per Participant.