Every business manager or leader (especially those who have grown or are growing into strategic management positions) requires a good knowledge of fundamental concepts in corporate finance in order to succeed in the critical role of strategically managing and growing the firm’s business – no matter the industry or sector of the economy. This is especially so for finance professionals who must apply finance concepts not only in managing their business but also in properly analysing their customers’ businesses and their financial risks.

This programme is designed to sharpen and strengthen the finance skills of participants necessary for promoting strategic financial decisions for business success; making sound investment and management decisions; presenting sound business reports and performance analysis; and enhancing better management of relationships with creditors, borrowers, suppliers, distributors, shareholders, etc.; as well as achieving overall career and business growth and success.

To enable every participant (no matter his/her background) gain value from this course, a proper foundation would be laid in understanding the basic concepts in businesses, goals of corporations, the nature of finance and financial decisions as well as the sources of finance. The mathematics of finance – based on the time value of money – would then be introduced with their applications properly treated. Contemporary issues in corporate finance would also be highlighted and discussed.

Key Expected Outcomes

At the end of this programme, participants should be able to:

  • Gain a proper perspective in financial decisions in corporations.
  • Understand the nature and importance of finance in every business.
  • Appreciate the concept of the time value of money and how it affects financial decisions.
  • Apply the mathematics of finance in making sound business decisions.
  • Improve their business decision making using the capital investments methods.
  • Become better business leaders in their career development.

Topics To Be Covered:

The following modules/topics would be handled during the programme:

  • Understanding Business Categories
  • What Is A Corporation?
  • The Goals of a Corporation
  • The Nature of Finance
  • Key Financial Decisions
  • The Role of the Chief Financial Officer
  • Sources of Finance For Corporations
  • The Concept of the Time Value of Money
  • Future Values and Compounding
  • Present Values and Discounting
  • Net Present Value (NPV)
  • Annuities and Perpetuities
  • Loan Amortisation Schedules
  • Applications of Mathematics of Finance (Bond Calculations, Business Valuations, and Cost of Capital)
  • Capital Budgeting Decisions (Capital Investment Analysis Methods)
  • Issues in Corporate Finance – Debt Restructuring; Capital Restructuring; Mergers & Acquisitions; Venture Capital And Private Equity; Wealth Management; Project Finance And Public Private Partnerships;

Who Should Attend?

  • Finance Managers
  • Account Officers and Relationship Managers
  • Team Leaders & Branch Heads
  • Operations Managers
  • Business Leaders and Executives

Course duration:       3 days

Time:                               8.30am – 5pm Daily

Course Fees:                 N125,000.00 Per Participant.