This programme is designed to sharpen and strengthen the skills of participants in basic accounting and the understanding and analyzing of corporate financial statements especially for the purpose of making sound credit or lending decisions as well as strategic financial decisions in a financial institution.

A proper foundation would be laid in the understanding of items in a company’s financial statement – statement of financial position (balance sheet), statement of comprehensive income (income statement or profit & loss account), and statement of cash flow. The various financial ratios required for making strategic lending and management decisions on any company would be analyzed in a clear and simplified manner.

Lending officers and relationship managers would gain a deeper understanding of financial risk analysis as well as other critical risks analyses necessary for credit decisions in the bank.

Topics To Be Covered:

The following modules/topics would be handled during the programme:

  • The Financial Intermediation Process
  • Linking Financial Statement Analysis & Credit Analysis
  • Basic Accounting Concepts and Principles
  • Overview of Corporate Financial Statements
  • Understanding the Cash Flow Statement
  • Tools For Financial Analysis
  • Financial Ratios Analysis
  • Cash Budgeting and Projections
  • Working Capital Analysis
  • Business and Environmental Risk Analysis
  • Case Studies & Group Presentation
  • Conclusion

Course duration:       3 days

Time:                               8.30am – 5pm Daily

Course Fees:                 N125,000.00 Per Participant.