Protocol Officers, Personal Assistants, Executive Assistants, Secretaries, Office Support Staff, and Care Providers, support their employer or boss in a variety of tasks and duties, helping to increase their effectiveness, improve executive impact, achieve independence (have better control over their life) as well as support the overall achievement of the goals and objectives of the boss’s roles and responsibilities in business, public service, family, among others. In fact, they contribute a lot to their boss’s productivity!


Today’s Protocol Officers, PAs, and Support Staff are required to take on more challenging roles and manage multiple duties such as make complicated travel arrangements, manage boss’s diary and itineraries, prepare papers for meetings, execute and delegate work on the boss’s behalf, attend events and meetings on the boss’s behalf, manage and respond to boss’s emails, write or prepare presentations and other communication materials, render reports and minutes of meetings, organize events, prepare documents and manage files, conduct research, manage projects, supervise staff, among several other functions.


Now more than ever before, there is a strong need for Protocol Officers, PAs, and other Support Staff to acquire and/or develop the administrative and organizational skills as well as the proper etiquette training required to enhance their performance and that of their bosses. This training programme is specially designed to meet (and, in fact, exceed) this need.


Participants would find this programme very useful and supportive in equipping them with the relevant skills and motivation to enhance workplace productivity, carry out their roles effectively, and learn to raise their game.



The key objectives of this training intervention include the following:


  • To equip today’s Protocol Officers, PAs, and other Support Staff with the skills and attributes they require to be effective in their roles.
  • To raise the awareness of participants on the importance of personal effectiveness and grooming in their job functions.
  • To encourage participants to be more organized, effective, self-motivated, and IT literate.
  • To assist participants develop better interpersonal and communication skills.
  • To assist participants with the skills to leverage the internet and social media in their job roles.
  • To enable participants gain broader perspectives on issues in economic development and good governance in Nigeria.
  • To provide thorough mentoring for participants by successful Protocol Officers or Personal Assistants.
  • To foster employee engagement, and hence improve productivity amongst the participants.


Topics To Be Covered:

Overview of Job Roles and Responsibilities

Personal Effectiveness & Time Management Skills

Developing Good Interpersonal & Team Skills

Effective Communication Skills

Developing Emotional Intelligence and Winning Attitude

Developing Good Information Technology & Social Media Skills

Office Technology and Workflow Management

Personal Grooming Lessons

Business Etiquette Training

Managing Financial Resources

Managing Events and Projects

Economic Development and Good Governance Fundamentals

General Management Principles

Developing Leadership Potentials

Beyond The Job: Achieving Work-Life Balance  Parting Shots.


Who Should Attend?

  •  Protocol Officers
  • Personal Assistants
  • Executive Assistants
  • Administrative Staff
  • Secretaries
  • Support Staff
  • Office Managers


Course duration: 5 days