Financial illiteracy and poor planning are among the key factors that are responsible for the on-going financial pressure, poor living standard, and career dissatisfaction often experienced by many public servants in Nigeria. And these conditions often affect the motivation, and hence the productivity of these officers while in service.


Again, many employees and public officers give little or no thoughts to retirement until just few years to their retirement date – resulting in poor retirement planning and the consequent hardship after active service. This greatly hampers the postretirement human capital impact on the economy expected from these retired officers.


This programme is designed to mentor participants and create strong awareness on issues of personal financial and retirement planning. Participants would acquire important skills required for effective personal financial management as well as gain deep insights into timely and proper retirement planning in order to live meaningfully and successfully after retiring from active service.


Course Outline

The general outline the programme would be as follows:

Career And Financial Check-Up

Conducting a Personal Networth Check  Self-Awareness And Personal Leadership  Thinking Ahead: When Will I retire?

The True Meaning of Success

Developing Sound Financial Management Skills

Dealing With the Debt Addiction

Revisiting the Ponzi Schemes, Money Traps, and Scams

Lessons In Financial Intelligence

Understanding the Financial Markets

Introduction To Accounting And Finance

Understanding Assets and Liabilities

Understanding the Income Statement

Sources of Personal Finance

Proactive Retirement Planning

Financial Calculations for Retirement

Tips for Enjoying Your Retirement

Career Options in Retirement

Other Vital Tips For Retirement

Parting Shots – Leading a Life of Impact



For Whom

  • Senior Staff
  • Middle Management Staff
  • Employees Above 45 Years
  • Directors & Executive Members
  • Intending Retirees


Course duration:  5 days