Many employees and business owners do not give much thought to retirement until just few years to their retirement date. And the inability to understand the issues in retirement planning is a source of fear and anxiety at the workplace. This is also responsible for the hardship, stress, and pressure experienced by many retirees, and these hamper their post-retirement human capital impact – denying the society of their valuable contributions.

Understanding the key concerns for retirement planning – when to retire, funding post-retirement lifestyle, what to do after retirement, where to live, how to adapt to changes, how to make impact in retirement, among many others – is an important skill employees and business executives must acquire on time to make their lives better ordered and effectively planned, both before and after their active years in service.

This programme is designed to enable participants develop strong awareness on issues in retirement planning as well as gain deep insights into timely and proper retirement planning in order to boost their confidence and productivity at work, and promote successful and effective living.


Course Content

Career Health Check-Up

Self Awareness and Personal Leadership  Thinking Ahead: When Will I retire?

Financial Planning Tips

Key Concerns In Retirement

Adapting to Changes in Retirement

Career Options in Retirement

Health Issues in Retirement

Tips for Enjoying Your Retirement

Understanding the Pension Schemes  Steps to Successful Entrepreneurship  The Life of Impact.

For Whom

  • Corporate Employees
  • Civil Servants
  • Middle/ Senior Management Staff
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Intending Retirees


Duration:    3 Days