Financial illiteracy and poor planning are among the key factors that are responsible for the on-going financial pressure, poor living standard, and career dissatisfaction often experienced by many corporate employees, public servants, business executives, and entrepreneurs. And these conditions often affect the motivation, and hence the productivity of these individuals in their workplaces.

To live successfully, to a large extent, involves sound personal financial planning. And the benefits of sound personal financial planning are more than enormous – career progress, family peace and harmony, stress-free living, high living standards, sound health care, enjoyable retirement, better impact in society, achieving life’s purpose, among others. Unfortunately, many individuals – especially those with poor accounting and finance background – pay little attention to developing appropriate financial intelligence that would enable them achieve personal financial goals.

This programme is designed to train and equip participants with the critical skills required to understand personal financial management. Emphasis would be laid in the understanding of the various financial markets, as well as other key investment vehicles for expanding and sustaining lasting wealth.


Course Content

Personal Financial Health Check-Up

Setting New Personal Financial Targets

Reinventing a Sound Savings Habit

Income & Expenditure Analysis  Dealing with Debts

Avoiding the Bandwagon Effect

Understanding the Financial Markets

Real Estate Investments

Other Wealth Building Vehicles

Managing Your Investment Portfolio

Basic Accounting & Finance Skills

Parting Shots

For Whom

  • Corporate Employees
  • Civil Servants
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Parents
  • Intending Retirees

Duration:     3 Days