Everybody – both employees and business owners – requires to develop strong entrepreneurial skills in order to succeed in operating a business venture, and achieve set objectives. Entrepreneurs are great leaders, enthusiastic people, opportunity identifiers, selling experts, and result-oriented business leaders.

Companies that foster entrepreneurial skills development in their employees reap numerous benefits including: increased sales, increased innovation, improved efficiency, operational leadership, effective team management, opportunity maximization, business process improvements, among several others. When employees think like entrepreneurs, they take responsibility for their success; they take full ownership of their roles and responsibilities; they foster shared vision; they contribute more to business success.

This training programme is uniquely designed to equip participants with sound entrepreneurial skills required to run any business – whether it belongs to them or not. And it is expected that participants would become better managers and leaders in their job roles after this programme.


Course Content

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Recognizing Business Opportunities

Turning Ideas into Viable Businesses

Understanding Organizational Forms and Goals

Organizing and Operating the Venture

Financing the Business Venture

Becoming an Effective Business Leader

Selling & Marketing Skills

Developing Negotiation Skills

Developing Customer Service Skills

People Management Skills

Basic Finance and Budgeting Skills

Ethics and Governance in Business

For Whom

  • Team Leads & Line Managers
  • Business Executives
  • Middle & Senior Managers
  • Group & Divisional Heads
  • Public Servants
  • Board Members


Duration:    3 Days