Whether you are a business professional, a salesperson, an entrepreneur, a public officer, a trainer/teacher, or just a member of a team or group, we are all expected to speak in public or make presentations at one time or the other. You might have to make a contribution in a small family or informal meeting, make a speech at a friend’s event, offer a vote of thanks after accepting an award, welcome a small group of new recruits or visitors, talk about your work or organization at a big conference, or speak to customers to buy your products.

Whatever the occasion, good public speaking and presentation skills can improve your reputation, help advance your cause or career, and in fact create great opportunities for success in life and business. And while good skills can open doors, poor ones can close them! This is one reason why the thought of speaking in public causes so much anxiety and concern.

The good news is that, with proper training, mentoring and practice, anyone can improve, overcome nervousness, and perform exceptionally well.

This one-day workshop is designed to equip participants with the right skills and attitudes to face their fears with public speaking and presentations.


Course Content

The Nature and Forms of Public Speaking and Presentations

Key Elements in Public Speaking

Preparing Your Speech

Structuring Your Speech and Presentations

Overcoming Anxiety in Public Speaking

Adapting to Your Audience and Situations

Developing Presentation Skills

Other Public Speaking and Presentation Etiquettes  Short Practice Sessions  Parting Shots.


Who Should Attend

  • Business Professionals
  • Salespeople
  • Entrepreneurs and Corporate Executives
  • Public Officers
  • Trainers/Teachers


Duration:          2 days