As the dynamics and challenges in today’s work environment change rapidly, there is an increasing need for employees to work in the most effective way to boost productivity. This programme is designed to challenge employees to discover their full potentials as well as acquire appropriate skills and strategies that would enable them bring out their best in every situation at work and in personal life towards achieving peak performance and excellence.

Participants would find this programme very useful and supportive in equipping them with the relevant skills and motivation to enhance workplace productivity, carry out their roles effectively, and learn to raise their game, no matter the challenges they face.


The key objectives of this training intervention include the following:

  • To equip participants with the skills and attributes they require to be effective in their roles.
  • To raise the awareness of participants on the importance of personal effectiveness and grooming in their job functions.
  • To encourage participants to be more organized, effective, and self-motivated.
  • To assist participants better manage time, work pressures and deadlines.
  • To foster employee engagement, and hence improved productivity amongst the participants.

Course Content:

  1. Understanding Yourself
  2. Aligning Your Vision with the Organization’s Vision
  3. Cultivating Effective Habits
  4. Goal Setting and Personal Planning
  5. Time Management & Energy Management
  6. Managing Work Pressure & Stress
  7. Managing People – Becoming a Great Leader
  8. Balancing Work & Life

For Whom

  • Support Staff
  • Young Executives
  • Middle and Senior Management Staff
  • Team Leaders
  • Business Executives


2 days