Sound organizational culture and corporate etiquette are very important ingredients in building sustainable and healthy organizations as well as in promoting a strong brand with positive image. Every effort must be made to promote professionalism, sophistication, intelligence, and credibility in every organization.

 From issues of civility, language usage, decorum, time management to appearance and hygiene, corporate employees or business owners – especially customer-facing staff, relationship officers, and managers – need to be very skilful and knowledgeable in order to establish and sustain relationships with customers (internal and external), clients, other stakeholders, etc, and achieve overall corporate objectives.

 This programme is specially designed to enable participants understand the importance of professional behaviour at the workplace as well as implement appropriate business etiquette and grooming at work.

Course Content:

  1.  Introduction to Organizational Culture
  2.  Why Culture Matters
  3.  Promoting Excellent Culture in Organizations
  4.  Understanding Corporate Etiquette
  5.  Privacy and Confidentiality
  6.  Language and Communication Etiquette
  7.  Dressing Etiquette – for Men and Women
  8.  Personal Hygiene and Cleanliness
  9.  Relating with Colleagues and Supervisors
  10.  Relating with Customers and Guests
  11.  Customer Service Etiquette
  12.  Time Management – Meetings and Appointments
  13.  Telephone Etiquette
  14.  E-Mail Etiquette
  15.  Dining Etiquette
  16.  Other Office Etiquettes

Who Should Attend ?

  • Customer Service Professionals
  • Team Leaders
  • Managers
  • Young Executives
  • Middle and Senior Management Staff


2 days