People are arguably the greatest resource for an organization. And despite the high potentials and quality talents possessed by a firm’s workforce, the effectiveness of its teams or business units is very critical to achieving set business objectives.

 There is a crucial need for both team leaders and members to possess the right attitude, organisational skills, business development skills, people management and leadership skills as well as the commitment and drive required to build effective and result-oriented teams in organizations. This is critical to business success and sustainability.

This team building programme is specially designed to strengthen the capacity and working relationships among staff of various departments in the organization as well as improve the way various teams are constituted and managed for the overall achievement of the organisation’s short and long term objectives.

Course Content:

  1. The Overall Corporate Strategy
  2. The Foundations of Team Building (Team Members, Team Objectives, Team Charter, Team Targets, etc).
  3. Defining Team Member Roles and Responsibilities
  4. Team Management Essentials

Mentoring and Coaching in:

  1. Teams Handling Team Conflicts
  2. Appraising Team Performance
  3. Fostering Future Success

For whom ?

  • Every Officer & Middle Management Staff
  • Team Leaders
  • Business Development Managers
  • Relationship Managers

Duration   2 days