Great organizations are built through the vision and actions of men and women who are inspired to effect positive change, and leave legacies that outlast their stewardship in the organizations.

In today’s world, public and private organizations require to develop leaders who are creative, innovative, effective, and more capable in dealing with the ever-challenging work they do.

In this very interactive programme, case studies and experience sharing would be deployed to challenge participants to: develop progressive thoughts on how to exercise leadership in the workplace; imbibe new conceptual framework for addressing policy issues; and understand the dimensions of good decision making in corporate service. This programme is relevant for all line managers, senior staff, and top management of the organization.


Course Content

Leadership is Everyone’s Business

Leader-Follower-Situation Interactions

Leadership Development Through Education and Experience

Building Your Leadership Skills

Power Versus Influence

Leadership Values

Communications Skills for Leaders

Goal Setting and Team Leadership

Conflict Management

Managing Stress

Improving Creativity at Work

Leading to the Top


For Whom

  • Middle and Senior Management Staff
  • Team Leaders
  • Business Executives
  • Strategic Decision Makers


Duration:     2 days