The Housing Sector plays a critical role in the pursuit of economic growth and development in every nation – especially developing economies. With the overwhelming housing deficit in many developing economies (creating billion dollar opportunities in the sector), mortgage banks and institutions, commercial and retail banks, development finance institutions, and even government agencies have an enormous challenge in ensuring the mobilization of long-term funds, extending mortgage facilities, and expanding of mortgage lending services to all segments of the economy.


Achieving these objectives involves the critical and enormous role of creating, managing, controlling, administering, monitoring, working out, and recovering of various sizes of mortgage loan facilities granted to their numerous clients/ customers. And to perform these roles effectively, it is imperative that every staff must be thoroughly grounded in credit risk analysis and management skills – with special focus on credit assessment and control, non-performing loan work-out and recovery strategies, customer relationship management tools and practices, and strategic management and leadership skills.

This programme is uniquely designed to equip the participants with the thorough understanding of the strategic imperatives for successful mortgage lending as well as develop the skills to effectively monitor, work-out, and recover non-performing or delinquent mortgage loans in their books with a view to enabling their institutions achieve their strategic objectives.


Course Objectives:


  • Highlight the critical importance of the housing sector in the domestic economic development drive.
  • Appreciate the challenges and the huge opportunities in the housing market.
  • Understand the legal, regulatory and policy issues in the mortgage market.
  • Thorough understanding of mortgage lending and loan processing.
  • Improving access to mortgage loans.
  • Gain insights into Infrastructure Projects Financing (with emphasis on housing projects).


Course Outline

The following topics would be handled during the programme:


  • Housing Versus Economic Development
  • The Housing Challenge and Opportunities
  • National Housing Policy Reviews
  • The Nature and Structure of the Domestic Mortgage Market
  • Recent Developments in the Mortgage Market
  • Property Law and Real Estate Documentations
  • Introduction to Credit Risk Analysis for Mortgage Lenders
  • The Credit Policy Guide
  • Macroeconomic, Industry, and Business Risks Analyses – For Credit Officers
  • Mortgage Loans Processing and Structuring
  • Technical Aspects of Mortgage Loans
  • Understanding the Annuities Concept in Mortgage Loan Repayment
  • Credit Administration and Control
  • Loan Monitoring and Disbursement Best Practices
  • The Prudential Guideline
  • Mortgage Loan Work-Out and Recovery Strategies
  • Brief Overview of Infrastructure/ Project Financing


For Whom

  • Officers and Managers in Mortgage Banks, Savings and Loans Companies, Finance Houses, DFIs, Commercial Banks, etc.
  • Real Estate Managers and Financiers
  • Investment Analysts and Portfolio Managers
  • Bankers and Employees of Non-Bank FIs
  • Staff of State and Federal Ministries of Housing and Urban Development.
  • Credit officers in banks and non-bank financial institutions


Duration:                  5 Days per Stream