Retail Banking is fast becoming the future of the banking industry in most jurisdictions around the world. With the toughening regulatory environment and the thinning margins in the commercial/ corporate banking space, Deposit Money Banks – who are smartly repositioning for the future – are currently devising appropriate strategies and framework for achieving competitive edge in the Retail Banking Space.

In today’s very competitive landscape, every Retail Banking leader is required to be equipped with the needed knowledge and skills to develop and implement cutting edge retail banking strategies, practices, products and services for industry leadership.

This programme is guaranteed to deepen and widen the skills and capabilities of the participants in critical aspects of banking with emphasis on Retail Banking Leadership, selling and marketing of financial services and products, performance management, superior customer service, and personal effectiveness with a view to improving their productivity and performance in delivering growth in deposits and quality risk assets; hence, enabling the bank achieve its overall business objectives.

It is a must-attend for all the Relationship Officers, Relationship Managers, Sales and Marketing Staff, Team Leads, Branch Managers, Support Staff, and Customer Service Officers in your bank – especially in the Retail Banking Division.

Course Outline

The general outline of the programme would be as follows:


  • Fundamentals of Banking Business
  • Domestic Banking Regulations
  • Major Deposit and Loan Products of Retail Banks
  • Other Banking Services and E-Channel Products
  • Critical Success Factors for Retail Banks
  • The Retail Banking Landscape
  • Global Trends in Retail Banking
  • Imbibing Sound Retail Lending Practices
  • Cluster Lending/ Credit Programmes in Retail Banks
  • Understanding Credit Scoring and Risk Rating
  • Macroeconomic, Industry, and Business Analysis
  • Selling & Marketing of Retail Banking Products & Services
  • Customer Service Excellence for Retail Banks
  • Personal Leadership For Sales and Service Officers
  • Performance Monitoring & Management for Retail Banks
  • Getting Ahead: Strategies For Market Leadership
  • Other Top-level Strategies for Retail Banking Leadership
  • Enterprise Risk Management For Retail Banks
  • Wrap Up


For Whom

  • Account/ Relationship Officers
  • Relationship Managers
  • Sales and Marketing Staff
  • Team Leads
  • Branch Managers
  • Support Staff
  • Customer Service


Duration:      5 Days