In today’s tough and dynamic business landscape, the type of interactions and experience customers have in every interface with an organisation has become a major differentiating factor for customer acquisition, retention, and dormant account reactivation; and hence, business profitability and growth. This is especially so in the financial intermediation market.


While it is imperative for Relationship Officers and Managers in Financial Institutions to possess great soft skills – interpersonal, communication, negotiation, email etiquettes, networking, personal grooming, social and other skills – the absence of appropriate technical or hard skills and knowledge would clearly inhibit the ability of these officers to actively engage and satisfy today’s knowledgeable customers in the financial market space.


Successful financial institutions in the 21st Century business environment must pay special attention to the level of hard and soft skills possessed by their relationship and service managers in their critical roles of acquiring new relationships, retaining existing relationships, reactivating dormant relationships, ensuring an on-going satisfaction of every customer,  and improving the profitability of the bank’s relationships.


This programme is uniquely designed to equip the participants with a good blend of the hard and soft skills required to effectively manage the various relationships in the bank – especially customer relationships – with a view to providing high quality financial services, deepening the bank’s market share, improving business profitability, and achieving the bank’s overall business objectives.



The following topics would be handled during the programme:


  • The Knowledge-Driven Relationship Manager
  • Thorough Knowledge of Banking Business
  • The Recent Developments in Domestic Banking Industry
  • Macroeconomic, Industry, And Business Analyses – For Relationship Managers
  • Fundamentals of Customer Relationship Management
  • Relationship Management Tools for Bankers
  • Hard Skills For Relationship Managers In Banks (Customer Needs Analysis, Value-Chain Analysis, Financial Markets Transactions Handling, Credit Risks Analysis, Financial Statements Analysis, Business Profitability Analysis, Understanding Your MPR
  • Soft Skills For Relationship Managers In Banks (Communication/ Presentation Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Negotiation Skills, Selling and Marketing Skills, Personal Grooming Skills, Digital Marketing Skills, Telephone Etiquettes, Email Etiquettes, Social and Networking Skills)
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Management And Leadership Lessons For Relationship Managers
  • Achieving Work-Life Balance
  • Parting Shots! (Keeping Ahead In The Market)


For Whom

  • Account Officers
  • Relationship Managers
  • Service Officers and Managers
  • Credit Officers and Managers
  • Business/Team Leaders


Duration:                  4 Days per Stream