International Trade and Foreign Exchange related transactions are common features of banks’ daily operations. In fact, they are becoming increasingly very critical to a bank’s existence and competitive edge in the 21st century financial system.

Unfortunately, there remains very serious lack of knowledge and technical depth amongst relationship officers and managers, customer service officers, business leaders, importers, exporters, and other stakeholders in this critical aspect of banking business.

This programme is designed to equip participants with a sound understanding of the fundamentals, procedures, rules, methods, and issues in International Trade and Foreign Operations. Case studies, experience sharing, class exercises, reading exercises, quizzes, and role plays would be deployed to ensure thorough understanding of the subjects by all participants.


Course Content

  • An Overview Of International Finance
  • International Financing Institutions
  • The Foreign Exchange Market
  • Eligible Transactions
  • International Trade Operations
  • Risk Analysis In International Trade Transactions
  • Understanding The Sales Contract
  • The Uniform Customs & Practice For Documentary Credits (UCPDC 600)
  • International Trade Finance Facilities (Import & Export)
  • The Foreign Exchange System
  • The Domestic Foreign Exchange Manual or Guidelines – A Thorough Review
  • Wrap Up


For Whom

  • Account/ Relationship Officers
  • Operations Staff
  • Credit Analysts and Administrators
  • Relationship Managers
  • Business Leaders


Duration: 3 Days