Credit risk constitutes a single most important source of threat to the earnings and capitalization of most financial institutions. Therefore, the ability of a financial institution to maintain high quality risk assets portfolio is very crucial to business profitability, sustainability and the overall health of the institution.

On the contrary, the inability or lack of the skills to effectively monitor and manage credit facilities/ loan portfolios inevitably results in high Non-Performing Loan (NPL) ratios, and ultimately reduce profitability and erode capital.

Considering the toughening business environment, thinning margins, tighter regulatory regime, and precarious macroeconomic environment, lending institutions can ill-afford to lose money as a result of avoidable loan loss provisioning.

This programme is specially designed to equip account officers, relationship managers, credit analysts and administrators with the skills to control, administer, monitor, work-out, and recover all types of loan facilities. Participating Financial Institutions would find this programme useful in maintaining very healthy risk asset portfolios; hence, reduced Non-Performing Loan ratios.

Course Outline:

The following modules/topics would be handled during the programme:


  • The Financial Intermediation and the Consequent Risks
  • Capital Adequacy in FIs
  • Major Challenges in Lending
  • Introduction to Credit Risk Management
  • Credit Processing, Control & Administration
  • The Credit Policy Guide as a Major Control Tool
  • Loan Monitoring & Port-Disbursement Best Practices
  • The Prudential Guidelines & Loan Performance Indicators
  • Managing Problem or Delinquent Credit Facilities
  • Key Remedial Management Tactics
  • Loan Work-out & Recovery Strategies
  • Managing the Remedial Process
  • Negotiating Full and Final Payment
  • The Importance of Credit Risk Governance
  • Parting Shots!


Who Should Attend?

  • Account Officers & Relationship Managers
  • Credit Analysts & Administrators
  • Credit Approval Officers
  • Loan Remedial Officers

Duration  :         4 days