Operations or Transaction Services staff members of a Deposit Money Bank are critical to the smooth running of a bank’s daily operations. Their activities impact heavily on the quality of customer service and experience, error-free banking transactions, operational risk levels, interbank relationships, and the regulatory compliance level, among others, in a bank.

The level of knowledge of banking practice and laws; the acquisition of technical competence in handling operational activities or transactions; emotional intelligence; and interpersonal skills are some of the critical requirements or qualifications of effective operations staff.

This programme is specially designed to equip bank tellers with the right skills and knowledge to perform their tasks effectively while also gaining a conceptual understanding of banking business and regulatory framework in Nigeria.

Course Content

  • Role of Banks as Intermediaries in the Financial Market
  • Overview of Banking Regulations
  • Account Opening Services/ “Know Your Customer” Rules
  • Deposit and Loan Products Knowledge
  • Pay & Receive Operational Excellence
  • Funds Transfer and Clearing House Activities
  • Ledgers and Accounting Entries
  • The Interbank Settlement Scheme Initiatives
  • Cashless Policy and Mobile Money Initiatives
  • E-Channel Products and Branchless Banking
  • International Trade and Foreign Operations
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Effective Teamwork


For Whom

  • All Operations Staff
  • Young Relationship Officers
  • Other Back-Office Staff
  • Business Leaders and Managers


Duration: 3 Days