In order to improve cost-efficiency, achieve stronger market positioning, and strengthen overall performance indices, financial institutions, oftentimes, require to redeploy more experienced middle to senior management staff from back-office functions to very challenging market-facing roles.

This transition or conversion comes with its anxiety and challenges; and when the converted staff in not given the necessary training and mentoring support, the change of role might lead to frustrations, redundancies, high attrition rate, lost market opportunities, and sub-standard management and leadership practices in teams.

This training and mentoring programme is specially designed to equip such employees/ managers with the right attitudes, attributes and the technical skills to perform their new roles effectively and successfully.

Training Outcome

Participants would, at the end of the programme, be able to:

  • Overcome the anxiety caused by the challenges of their new role.
  • Gain stronger knowledge of the macro-economic environment as well as the industry where they operate.
  • Acquire basic skills in Credit Risk Analysis and Management.
  • Develop stronger sales and marketing, customer service, and relationship management skills.
  • Better design, plan, implement, monitor, and report their team activities.


Modules To Be Covered:

  • The Winning Attitude/ Accepting Change
  • Financial Intermediation Business: A Review
  • Macro-economic, Industry and Business Analysis
  • Fundamentals of Credit Risk Analysis and Management
  • Strategic Selling & Marketing Skills Development
  • Customer Service and Relationship Management Excellence
  • Understanding the MPR and Budgeting Process
  • Effective Management and Leadership in Teams
  • Parting Shots!


Who To Attend:

  • Newly Converted Market-Facing Staff
  • Back-Office/ Operations Staff
  • Account Officers and Relationship Managers
  • Team Leads and Group Heads


Duration: 7 Days