Expertise in Credit Risk Analysis and Management is a foremost and important requirement in financial institutions (especially banks) in their roles as financial intermediaries in the financial market, even as global and local regulatory authorities continue to emphasize risk-based supervision of players.


As the increasingly turbulent and challenging economic and industry environments heighten credit (and other) risks in financial institutions, a thorough knowledge and expertise in credit risk identification and assessment; credit risk scoring and rating; risk modeling and measurement; as well as risk management for derivative products is very crucial in managing credit risks and improving business outcome – while meeting regulatory and economic capital standards.


This course is specially designed for leaders, credit analysts, credit administrators, portfolio managers, credit product development officers, business leaders in FIs, as well as other key stakeholders in risk management who already have sound knowledge of basic and intermediate credit risk analysis and management.


Participants would find this programme useful in enhancing their mastery of key credit risk concepts and management practices as well as the Basel Accord and other local regulatory approaches to regulatory and economic capital adequacy requirements for Financial Institutions.


Course Outline

The general outline of the programme would be as follows:


  • Credit Risk: Concepts, Types, and Management Framework
  • Credit Risk Identification and Assessment
  • Snapshot on Financial Risk Analysis
  • Credit Risk Scoring and Rating Models
  • Developing Internal Qualitative Risk Acceptance Criteria Templates
  • Credit Bureaus and Rating Agencies
  • Fundamentals of Quantitative Risk Measurement
  • Credit Administration, Control and Monitoring Standards
  • Credit Risk Management Tools
  • The Prudential Guidelines
  • Loan Work-Out and Re-Structuring Approaches
  • Loan Recovery and Remedial Management Practices
  • The Basel Accord and Regulatory and Economic Capital Requirements
  • Snapshots – Beating the Odds


For Whom

  • Business/ Group Leaders
  • Credit Analysts? Administrators
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Credit Product Development Officers
  • Risk Management Officers
  • Account/ Relationship Officers
  • Relationship Managers
  • Strategic Decision Makers


Duration:       5 days