Banking, Economics, Accounting, and Finance (BEAF) School

  1. Credit Risk Analysis & Management Workshop (Basic/ Intermediate)
  2. Advanced Credit Risk Analysis & Management (With Credit Risk Scoring and Rating, Special Risks, Basel Accord, and Quantitative Measurement Tools)
  3. Credit Control, Loan Work-Out, Recovery & Remedial Management Course – For Financial Institutions
  4. Basic Accounting And Financial Statement Analysis – For Lending Officers And Relationship Managers
  5. Mastering Enterprise Risk Management – With Practical Framework Development, Review and Implementation Lessons
  6. Retail Banking Master-class
  7. Basic Banking Operations– For Back- Office Staff
  8. International Trade Finance and Operations
  9. Knowledge-Driven Relationship Management Programme: For Relationship Managers And Business Leaders In Financial Institutions:
  10. Back-Office To Market-Facing Conversion Programme – For Staff of Financial Institutions.
  11. Basic Banking Excellence Programme – For Transaction Officers And Executive Assistants In Financial Institutions
  12. Product Development, Customer Acquisition, and Effective Relationship Management – For Financial Institutions
  13. Organizational Effectiveness Programme – For Financial Institutions
  14. Specialized Micro-Finance Lending Workshop
  15. Specialized Mortgage Lending Workshop
  16. Specialized Development Financing Workshop
  17. Specialized Training For Non-Bank Financial Institutions
  18. Commercial Banking Master-Class
  19. Financial Inclusion Strategy Workshop
  20. Understanding and Preparing Bank’s MPR Reports